Test automation

Tes tautomation for functional tests, unit tests/module tests, regression tests and load tests.

Automated tests save time, money and stress. Test automation provides functionality, stability and reliability. Users can set the frequency of tests themselves. Scripts can be easily and quickly created. The rest is done automatically. There are several tests that can be used:

Immediate action thanks to test automation.

The benefits of test automation: Test robots work around the clock without making mistakes. So, for example, the availability of business-critical applications can be easily tracked. Test automation can quickly identify a decrease in performance, proactively eliminating problems before they are noticed by end users.

Also for terminal services environments.

Intelligent Solutions uses ICTestAutomation softwars solution for convenient and cost-effective test automation.

More information on ICTestAutomation can be downloaded in PDF format:
ICTestAutomation – (document under construction)