Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with CitraBot®

Countering skills shortages with automated processes

CitraBot® is a proven solution that relieves your employees of tedious routine tasks and can work on assignments even outside office hours. Once CitraBot® has prepared their work for them, your employees can get off to a flying start every morning.

Like a real person, CitraBot® works directly at the computer monitor, and uses other software applications with a mouse and keyboard just like a human user would do. This lets your employees “look over its shoulder” and work together on process completion: intervening where human intelligence is required and otherwise leaving the clicks and data input to be completed by CitraBot®.

The huge advantage here is that CitraBot® doesn't make mistakes nor miscalculations, doesn't forget anything, never becomes sick or tired, never needs a vacation, is faster that humans at the same tasks and can also handle jobs that humans find more problematic – such as searching through a database in a matter of seconds and making use of its content.

A CitraBot® can be trained to follow any on-screen workflow. It relieves your employees of their humdrum workloads and accelerates your processes from its very first day on the job.

Typical scope of duties for RPA

  • Sending and receiving e-mails
  • Processing attachments
  • Completing or reading out forms
  • Accessing websites and Internet data
  • Maintaining master data
  • Invoicing
  • Receiving customer service calls
  • Claims processing (e.g. for insurance companies)
  • Tariff plan changes
  • Inventory management
  • Test automation
  • Software quality assurance
  • ...

CitraBot® is particularly suitable for tasks that require human intervention (so-called attended or supervised tasks), but where much of the work can be automated. However, CitraBot® can also offer a savings potential for tasks that do not require human intervention, i.e. so-called unattended tasks.

Easy to implement

RPA solutions are not rocket science. They use and operate existing IT systems and applications and can usually be implemented within a few weeks - which in turn means a rapid return on investment (RoI).

As often as you like, rules-based CitraBot® carries out the activities it has been taught - without diminishing quality. Based on the proven and well-established CitraTest® package, CitraBot® is one of the most versatile solutions currently on offer and fulfils all of the requirements set out by Gartner Group for RPA solutions.* In addition to automating processes, CitraTest® can also be used to perform functional tests, load tests and end-to-end monitoring. And all this for any application with a single script.

RPA as part of your digial strategy

In addition to other technological developments, RPA will make a significant contribution to increasing a company's productivity and efficiency in the future. However, the use of robot-controlled process automation should not be seen as an isolated solution, but rather part of a company's digital strategy. Once the decision to introduce RPA has been made, an analysis of the business processes and a desktop analysis are recommended in order to identify the activities that are best suited for automation.

By converting manual tasks and processes into automated workflows, a company is able to use its employees for new tasks that add more value. This is not only an attractive prospect in view of the continuing shortage of skilled workers, but also allows for an improvement of service and innovation. While CitraBot® Colleague does the mundane and repetitive jobs, employees can use their human skills - such as emotional intelligence, reasoning or creativity - to further develop your company.

* Gartner, 02/2018, Robotic Process Automation: Eight Guidelines for Effective Results