Regression test

When changes are made to software already in use (e.g. update, enhancement, maintenance), regression testing shows whether this part is working properly or whether the changes are negatively impacting surrounding components. Automated execution of one or more test cases (test automation) is typical here.

Build tests just by clicking
Specific test cases are individually designed to compare the software modification state (current state) with the correct desired result (target state). For this purpose, advanced test automation solutions provide predefined modules so that people with little programming expertise can build tests just by clicking.

Automated regression testing pays off fast
The initial investment in an automated regression testing solution will pay off quickly because new software releases, updates, security patches, hardware systems or other infrastructural changes can be put into production more rapidly and, above all, more safely.

Intelligent Solutions introduces two powerful automated regression testing solutions: ICTestAutomation and CitraTest VU®.