Berufsgenossenschaft Energie, Textil, Elektro, Medienerzeugnisse (BG ETEM)

At BG ETEM, CitraTest® robots
- ensure smooth operation of business-critical applications
- help reduce IT hotline calls
- enable automated testing of critical applications

At all 11 locations of BG ETEM across Germany, CitraTest® robots monitor availability and performance of critical applications in 15-minute intervals – from an end-user perspective and in real-time. If a problem is detected, an alarm is immediately generated.

Objective presentation of performance satisfies users

Automatically generated reports are most valuable for the service hotline that previously received a very large volume of calls: “Of course it is always a subjective matter when callers complain that applications are running slow or that their locations are not being serviced properly. We have 90 percent fewer calls on this subject because CitraTest®-evaluations allow us to document how applications are running,” the team leader said.

Test automation more prevalent

Other CitraTest® licenses are used to test the performance of core applications. Business and production applications are generally tested, for example, before deployment of updates. CitraTest® is therefore a key element of quality control. “Test automation is becoming more prevalent. This is inevitable in times of scarce human resources. In nearly two years, we have developed about 150 test scripts, 20 of them for monitoring at locations, most of them being used for quality control.”

Abb.: Die übersichtliche Darstellung der automatischen Performance-Tests an den Standorten ermöglicht eine komfortable Auswertung.
Figure: Clear view of automated performance testing at sites for convenient analysis.