Continuous availability and reliable performance or IT services and products offered are essential for the success of GAD. The IT service provider has quality agreements with its bank customers. In addition to monitoring critical applications, it is thus important that CitraTest® furnishes objective quality of service documentation for the IT department.

In one of Europe's most advanced and secure data centers, stable networks and applications running reliably 24 hours a day are absolutely essential. After all, GAD customers (about 1,500 banks and financial services companies) must be technologically and economically competitive. 200 measuring robots help achieve this.

Monitoring online banking and brokerage

User simulation with CitraTest® is part of synthetic transaction monitoring. End-to-end monitoring is performed at the GAD 's site. End-user applications such as online banking or online brokerage are monitored in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separated from the internal network. Which means that 60 measuring robots are going the same route via the Internet as the bank's customers. The second group of 140 measuring robots monitors the GAD solution bank21 on the Web and other applications used exclusively by bank employees.

ZIS integration

Abb.: ZIS-System-Darstellung der Verfügbarkeit von bank21 im Web.The measurements taken by the CitraTest® measuring robots are sent to a central console (ZIS system), where they are correlated with data from other monitoring tools and visualized. Concurrently, the test results ars sent to the ZISSLM (ZIS service-level monitor) for SLA calculation. And the data can be accessed and used by technical reporting for internal purposes.
Figure: ZIS system view of bank21 availability on the Web.