HABA family of companies

At the HABA familiy of companies, CitraTest® was deployed as part of the stepwise implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX to test the complex processes for proper function and to ensure stable operation of the new ARP system.

The step-by-step implementation of Dynamics AX at the HABA family of companies involving Microsoft partner Sven Mahn GmbH is regarded as one of the biggest ERP installations. The project core team included 150 people, up to 35 programmers at peak times, about 75 key users from the relevant departments and 50 trainers for training 450 employees.

Problems identified and fixed before go-live

By simulating a significantly higher volume of input it was possible to identify and fix major AX configuration problems before the second large sub-project went live in June 2014. During a stabilization period of several weeks after the go-live date, CitraTest® as a test tool became part of the weekly deployments. In the medium term, the IT managers plan to perform quarterly standardized load tests and systematic monitoring of the ERP system.

 “CitraTest® works quietly without being much noticed. We are glad to have it because it is doing routine tests no one else would,” said the director of IT and organization.