Reduce printing costs and improve environmental performance:

Druckkosten senken

Motivate your employees to do their part!

IT people are well aware of printing costs: paper, toner, ink, electricity. And there are issues like noise, heat and particulate matter, which cannot be entirely avoided even in modern high-tech printers.

Using media in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

Studies show that about 80 percent of all hard-copies are used internally, with about half of them filling the waste basket or shredder by the end of the day. IT or business managers can motivate their employees to use printers and copy machines in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

Top environmental performance and cost reduction.

How is this done? Employees can be motivated by personal goals and showing them how to achieve their goals – for example, by using our InterAct® solution. Print Awareness is an innovative technology for managing and reducing printing costs.

You can improve the environmental performance of your company by using Print Awareness. Effective high-level components help you minimize printing costs. It monitors and documents printer usage and printing behavior across the company and generates detailed reports. This provides transparency and enhances sharing and communication. Enjoy working with dedicated employees who see themselves as part of an environmental and cost-saving initiative.

Raising awareness helps the environment and saves money

Hidden printing costs

  • 44 percent of all printouts are unnecessary
  • An IDC study shows that 23 percent of all help-desk calls ars related to printing problems. For example, the IT support for a company with 750 employees has to spend 3,700 hours on the printer pool on average annually.
  • Calculations form the Gartner-Group show that the cost per page on shared printers ist $0,02 lower than on desktop printers


Reduce your ecological footprintÖkologischer Fußabdruck

  • reduce paper consumption and increase efficiency
  • less printing means using less electricity
  • reduce toner, ink and cartridge consumption
  • beeing green is not just a trend - it helps the environment and saves money


Save toner and ink

  • GPA Printing Intelligence with the latest algorithms reduces toner and ink consumption without impairing print quality
  • You can choose between 12 print modes from 5 to 60 percent, depending on the type of document (text, pictures, graphics)
  • Suitable for printers from all manufacturers
  • Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, Novell etc.)
  • Supports all platforms and all printer languages (PCL5, PCL6, Postscript, AFP etc.)
  • For all types of printing: driver based end user, batch processing or integrated products or printing processes


Awareness provides benefits

    • Receive valuable information about who is printing what, when and where and for what price
    • Numerous detailed reports
    • Innovative print management strategy provides better control and reduces total print volume
    • Raise awareness of everyone working with printers
    • Save toner, ink, paper and electricity
    • Reduce printing costs by up to 50 percent
    • Complete implementation without end-user training possible