Improving IT efficiency


Proactive planning and analysis

90 percent of failures and performance problems can be avoided.
The easiest way to finally put the issue of user frustration to rest is to reliably monitor network and server quality from an end-user perspective. InterAct® helps you measure real user experience to eliminate user frustration. 

Frustrationserfahrung der Endanwender feststellen und beenden.

Our solution for passive E2E monitoring helps you demonstrably improve IT efficiency in your company:

  • The monitoring program, which includes direct error reporting, proactively issues a warning when a problem is detected. You can act before the end user notices the problem.
  • Use all relevant information from the end user experience to effectively manage the IT organization.
  • Reliable performance measurement and monitoring helps you develop effective plans at all levels of the company.
Erfahrungen der Anwender messen und Probleme beseitigen.


  • Our solution helps you analyze the use and performance of applications, manage IT projects or plan upgrades to the main applications/ the operating system
  • You get a better view of PC performance at the end user level
  • You are provided with complete transparency about usage data and service quality
  • You can identify sources of problems early to reduce system down time – so all employees in your company can continue working
  • You can identify and measure the performance level of the IT system by using predefined performance indicators
  • You can work for planning and optimizing capacity by using reliable data
  • You can identify necessary hardware upgrades based on customer needs
  • Technical performance indicators help you formulate business impact and cost planning