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High level IT services for end-user satisfaction - a complete monitoring solution for your workstations 

Are your users frustrated? InterAct® intends to send the required information to IT departments in line with the Quality of Services. This indication is global and not fragmented (PC, network, servers, applications, etc.) The objective is to reduce or even eliminate the frustration experienced by users.

PRO-active rather than RE-active! Many organizations do not have a clear idea related to the reality of difficulties encountered by their users. InterAct® is unique because it is capable of proactively alerting the support services of an impending problem before users become their victims.

That is how it works: InterAct® collects, gathers and analyzes data performance, inventory,  consumption and usage of all workstations available on the network. Data is based on actual user activity. This passive agent patented technology provides a detailed and continuous vision about the quality of service actually provided by IT to the company. This is a unique and an immediate way to identify potential sources of technical, financial and environmental optimization.

Cloud Computing

Interact Cloud comprises a software program in SaaS mode supplied via the Cloud in order to monitor the working environment of the users. The InterAct® agent is deployed in a few minutes and does not require any administration, thereby reducing operating costs. Interact Cloud is ideal for organisations of all sizes, from the small business to very large organisations.


The identification of the users is carried out via a domain server. The InterAct® applications which require an authentication apply the following rules: identification (Windows authentication or name/password), then verification of the identity on the domain server and checking of the User’s group in the Company directory (Active Directory).


The IA-Mobility module offers monitoring of usage and performance of applications functioning on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. This module operates on the same principles as for traditional workstations (Windows PC).

All InterAct® solutions

  • IA-Knowledge

    IA-Knowledge permits a genuine approach to workstation rationalisation. It integrates USB peripherals, printers, batteries and teller machines. Your overview is global and functional, financial and ecological optimisation is possible.

  • IA-Governance

    IA-Governance daily collects and aggregates the information related to the company’s code of ethics in terms of security, updates, privacy. And you can detect the use of unauthorized devices (USB sticks, external drives, etc.), sessions in administrator mode and software installations or unreferenced versions.

  • IA-Performance

    IA-Performance measures the appropriateness of applications with regard to your service commitments. IA-Performance considers the entire architecture of your Information System. Irrespective of local or remote servers, links and network equipment and actual software configuration of workstations, the measured performance is what is actually delivered to users.

  • IA-Helpdesk

    IA-Helpdesk proposes that you no longer intervene in “Fireman” mode, but anticipate the resolution of the problems before they occur. Acting in the same way as a black box, IA-Helpdesk provides for retracing and documenting each action or error occurring on the workstations. It also provides the technical context of the user session (CPU, memory, hard disk, abnormal behaviour of procedures and response time problems).

  • IA-Green IT

    The InterAct® solution offers several innovative features in the field of Green IT and it helps reducing the ecological footprint of your business while minimizing maintenance costs in operating conditions. InterAct’s Green IT allows you to obtain the maximum optimization potential of computer equipment and peripheral devices that are connected to it.

  • Green IT: IA-Capacity Planning

    IA-Capacity Planning forms part of a genuine resource control approach. It enables you to decide a development plan for your workstation fleet. This plan is in line with the real needs of your users and not just accounting obsolescence. Thanks to IA-Capacity Planning, you make decisions on your resource management policy based on factual information. You retain operational equipment and only replace those which no longer meet your needs.

  • Green IT: IA-Ink Saver

    IA-Ink Saver will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while minimizing overall printing costs. IA-Ink Saver is a comprehensive module that collects printing data, supervises the process with regard to your business activity, compares the actual costs of suppliers, and especially minimizes toner & ink volume.

  • Green IT: IA-Power Saver

    IA-Power Saver provides continuous visibility of power consumption. It helps you to determine the most efficient actions to reduce the energy bill and the ecological footprint of your company’s IT systems. IA-Power Saver proceeds in three intelligent stages to identify possibilities for power savings in your network of PCs and printers.

  • IA-ATM

    The stability of the on-board agent, its lack of impact on the resources of the peripheral and the richness of the information collected have enabled the solution from InterAct® to be the only monitoring product on the market which has satisfied all the demanding requirements to enable it to be integrated into the majority of ATMs (cash machines) belonging to the banks. Monitor an ATM as easily as a simple workstation.

The role of InterAct is to quantify the usage quality of resources that are available to users.

  • Once collected, this information is used for efficient and optimal management of IT resources of the company.
  • InterAct is an observation platform focused on performance, quality of services and available resources from the perspective of the end user.
  • InterAct quantifies service levels in order to make a comparison over time between groups of users or types of applications.
  • InterAct measure the impact of infrastructure changes at the level of performance, growth of workloads and the evolution of the application.
  • Decision makers will thus have the necessary tools to determine a response to the company needs with the users.