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Use our solutions to ensure maximum availability, stability and speed, making slow applications and failures a thing of the past.

Our innovative software solutions help you ensure that your business-critical applications run efficiently and reliably. As I.T. specialists with more than 20 years of experience in test automation, performance and capacity management, we provide the best solution in the shortest time possible.

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End-to-end monitoring
made easy – with CitraTest APM®

CitraTest APM® reliably measures and monitors availability and performance of all applications in real time from an end-user perspective.

Benefit from using CitraTest APM®

  • monitor all critical applications - CitraTest APM® can be used for all applications without exception
  • also suitable for terminal services environments
  • can be quickly integrated, saves time and money
  • works with Visual Basic and is easy to use
  • document your service quality with clear evaluations

Functional Tests with ICTestAutomation –
easy, reliable, convincing

ICTestAutomation is an easy-to-use software solution for automating functional tests for all applications without exception. 

Benefit from using ICTestAutomation

  • stable applications ensure smooth operation
  • automated tests save time, money and stress
  • easy to use, requires no special knowledge
  • preconfigured test cases, customized with a few clicks
  • schedule frequency of tests yourself, the rest is done automatically

Load tests for server-based computing 
using CitraTest VU®

Using CitraTest VU®, you can effectively develop and run load tests. 

Benefit from using CitraTest VU®

  • informative load tests across all server-based environments
  • extremely reliable because CitraTest VU® uses special image-recognition technology
  • can be easily integrated into HP Mercury Test Director,
    IBM Rational Test Manager and T Plan
  • can be used for all client interfaces

SightLine: measure – alarm – correlate – evaluate – document

SightLine® provides performance analysis and capacity planning capability as needed, also in very complex multiplatform environments. 

Benefit from using SightLine®

  • stable IT environments through quick analysis
  • identifies trends and provides for system customization before end-user productivity and satisfaction are compromised
  • provides reliable data for capacity planning and budgeting
  • also suitable for heterogeneous multiplatform environments
  • keeps an eye on your SAP system

Increase IT service quality – technologically, financially and environmentally

InterAct®  helps you optimize the efficiency of desktops and reduce energy and printing costs.

Benefit from using InterAct®

  • identify technical, financial and environmental potential for optimization
  • get a clear view of IT service quality
  • ensure end user satisfaction through smoothly running applications
  • reduce the company's ecological footprint
  • significantly reduce IT energy and printing costs
  • Special: also monitor ATMs

Reliable monitoring of application architectures – with SharePath APM

Your solution for reliable, around the clock monitoring of single applications as well as highly complex architectures and networks – of course without interruptions, from the end-user perspective and resource-saving. SharePath APM is one solution for all: developer teams, operative IT and application support!

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