Passive application oriented end-to-end-monitoring

SharePath APM - More than just performance monitoring

Non-SLA-compliant transactions are easy to identify at a glance.
Non-SLA-compliant transactions are easy to identify at a glance.
Bubble chart and KPI table for application monitoring.
Bubble chart and KPI table for application monitoring.

SharePath enables reliable monitoring of your application architecture's performance around the clock

  • from an end-user perspective
  • without interruptions - even with highly complex architectures and networks
  • regardless of the underlying technology
  • resource-saving.

One solution for all IT areas: developer teams, operative IT, application support

SharePath supports developer teams as well as operative IT and application support. The monitoring solution provides reliable information about the end-user experience, compliance with die Service Level Agreements (SLAs), individual transactions, and the efficiency of the infrastructure. 

SharePath creates more than 180 different data analysis views access for all IT areas. The renderings of the analyses provide information on how to solve problems, performance optimization, trends, and capacity planning. Looming performance problems can be pinpointed and quickly remedied - before the user ever notices. 

Monitoring of all components

The situation

Application performance issues can be found everywhere: with mobile devices and desktops computers, infrastructures, application codes, networks (internal and external), data and application architectures. Even linked applications can cause performance issues. And: IT environments are increasingly heterogeneous. In addition to Java and .NET, they contain other technologies as well as devices and software from numerous providers, including load balancers, web servers, authentication servers, ESBs, and application servers. Changes come down the pike frequently, which makes the architectures and networks ever more complex.

Operational IT teams must therefore be able to monitor all components and understand their impact on the users' experience. But most traditional tools do not adequately support corporate IT departments in this regard, because these look at the underlying measurement results from different perspectives.

What is needed is a solution that provides an integrated overview of all performance issues of an application and the user experience, regardless of the type of application and the underlying technologies.

The solution

SharePath covers all current and future technologies across the entire company, thus enabling an integrated view of transactional processes, behavior, and bottlenecks. It monitors the actual end-user experience reliably and without interruption. This unique data collection technology makes it possible to track all processes of all components, without exception. Application calls are recorded fully automatically and around the clock on the system level.

SharePath offers the broadest coverage of supported components - and no code modifications are needed.


E2E-monitoring easy to implement and operate

No in-depth programming or code knowledge such as method names, Java object names, or other terminologies at the code level are required in order to install, implement, and run the program. Once the SharePath Collector (data collector) is installed, the transaction paths are automatically determined. The applications can be managed efficiently and indenpendently. 

SharePath is working extremely resource-saving and monitors a large number of different components without having to interfere with the transaction's data stream.

Technial Specification

SharePath supports

  • various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, z/Os (IBM Mainframe), etc.
  • web servers such as IIS, Apache, etc.
  • application servers such as IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat, etc.
  • databases such as IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MySQL, etc.
  • protocols and transports, frameworks, languages, and platforms wie Java, J2EE, JSP, .NET, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, C, C++, Documentum (Content-Server), Oracle Forms, IBM Portal Server etc. und EAIs, Messaging, Brokers, etc.
  • connectors such as Websphere Message Broker, Websphere MQ, RabbitMQ, Tuxedo, Microsoft Biztalk, etc.

For Real User Monitoring (RUM), SharePath supports

  • all major browsers and user frontends such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Citrix, Windows desktop applications, etc. 
  • mobile applications on iOS and Android


SharePath allows for representations on the code level for .NET, Java/JRE and PHP as well as SQL statement representations for databases.

Additional packages are supported on request.


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