How can I ensure continuous availability and high performance of all applications

If an application is not available, an error has occurred that needs to be corrected. But what is the real cause of user complaints that "the system is too slow", that "one has to wait so long today" or that a program constantly crashes?

The end-user experience regarding application quality is completely subjective.

But: Frequent hotline complaints are not only time consuming for the IT department, they also require quick responses and creative solutions.

Intelligently combining our monitoring solutions allows you to monitor all hardware and software:

Top solutions for E2E-Monitoring
  • physical end-user devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, thin clients
  • special hardware such as ATMs
  • virtual sessions on desktop virtualization servers such as XenApp or XenDesktop from Citrix
  • network and infrastructure: internal or external networks, front-end servers, application servers, database servers and storage units such as SANs or NASs, etc.
  • applications: standard software, special programs, Web applications, etc.
  • operating systems and document management systems (DMS)

Our solutions replace the subjective user experience with objective measurements. The benefit for you:

  • Active end-to-end monitoring: Track application availability and response time using synthetic robots. They work like a real user with mouse and keyboard - regardless of Sundays and holidays, illness or vacation. 
  • Passive E2E monitoring: Measure availability and response time directly on user devices.
  • Performance analysis and capacity management: Constantly keep an eye on IT's behavior - even at the process and thread level. Then you can identify changes in infrastructure such as software, configuration or hardware modifications.
  • Trend analysis: Identify problems early thanks to integrated trend analysis and fix them proactively. 

Strong team work of our IT solutions.

If a performance problem or failure is detected, our solutions generate an alarm. The software then immediately and automatically searches for the cause of the problem. It automatically identifies adverse trends. In both cases, IT managers get the result of the first analysis with the alarm.

Fast return on investment

License costs for our solutions will pay off in a short time through reducing excess hardware and software capacity, saving infrastructure and energy costs and significantly shortening repair time.

Valuable helper for your ITIL strategy

The solutions from Intelligent Solutions combine your applications, systems, processes, networks and other IT units to business processes. This enables them to effectively support the introduction and implementation of ITIL strategies.