Performance analysis and capacity management

For optimal IT infrastructure and top performance

Define your IT landscape optimally and improve performance: Our SightLine® solution monitors load and performance of it services und components in every detail, shows current problems and upcoming trends. Planned changes can be simulated and proactively optimized. Our software solution helps you monitor data centers and networks (front- and back-end systems) as well as end-user devices (desktops).

SightLine® enhances planning and management of overprovisioning of your platforms with regard to efficiency and quality. Thus PaaS1 providers can improve their competitive position.

Good to know: SightLine® supports all hosting models from VPS (Virtual Private Server) to databases, webhosting and applications like WordPress to containers2 and serverless computing, and it operates your OpenStack in line with demand. With SightLine® you easily obtain an overview how clients, (micro-) services and virtual components use your IT capacities, from datacenter to thread. 

Our customers especially appreciate the rapid deployment and the limited amount of hardware and small number of personnel deeded for solid and consistent capacity planning and, if necessary, quick analysis of the most complex performance problems.

Cost-effective helpers

With our SightLine® solution, you can analyze real-time data, including data from external partners within or outside the firewall, independently from platforms, networks or users. IT departments can improve and document their performance thanks to automated reporting. IT management gets valuable and absolutely valid decision support. The benefits for you: SightLine® allows for measurement intervals that can be defined as necessary, and it uses less than 0.2 percent of CPU on average.

1 PaaS: Platform as a Service
2 SightLine supports all container plattforms and does not confine itself to dockers and kubernetes.