Solutions for IIoT

Big Data analytics across the value chain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already fact. Forward-thinking manufacturers and service providers such as logistic companies have implemented convincing IIoT strategies. They are developing customer-focused solutions with in-demand manufacturing as the ultimate goal. And they are adjusting their structures, processes and technologies, accompanied by an in-depth digitalization.   

New technologies also enable smart linking and networking between all of the elements along the value chain, including integrated supply chain planning, the integration of ERP and manufacturing execution systems (MES), and smart, learning robots and machinery. Another benefit results from predictive maintenance for production facilities.

Intelligent Solutions provides the appropriate IIoT solutions for analytics and monitoring:

  • You will benefit from a highly advanced and intuitive platform for business intelligence and analytics solutions.
  • A smart Big Data processing is possible for any number of (networked) facilities.
  • And all of this with no dependencies on manufacturers or the type and model of plant and machinery used.

For the systematic analysis of ongoing internal production processes SightLine Enterprise Data Manager™ (SightLine EDM) has been developed. SightLine EDM gives real-time status updates on machinery and plant.


Business Intelligence in IIoT - Best practice

Some of the world's leading manufacturers are using SightLine EDM to

  • optimize their value chains
  • improve production
  • cut costs

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Five stages of data analysis in IIoT

Real-time inventory processes, an increase in production and faster market feedback: A clearly defined maturity level model helps you to implement the best real-time analytics solution.

Get to know the five stages of IIoT data analysis and learn how to build your IIoT strategy, step by step.

Five reasons why manufacturers should implement an IIoT analytics solution

The volume and variety of data being produced in manufacturing is increasing. To collect, retain and analyze this data, appropriate systems and processes are needed.

With our real-time analytics solutions you may

  • improve your company's business processes
  • reduce downtimes
  • boost productivity and return
  • stay competitive

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